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Sysenso Systems

Sysenso Systems Private Limited

Core Skills

Modeling & Simulation

MATLAB/Simulink based modeling and simulation activities.

Technical Consulting

Processes development and automation, Optimization, Verification and Valdation, Machine Learning, IoT, Embedded Systems

Tools & Programming

MATLAB/Simulink, Octave, Scilab/Xcos, Python(NumPy/SciPy/Scikit/PyQT/...)

Products and Services


Systems Engineering Tools

Experienced in Systems Engineering(Interdisciplinary field of engineering) tools helps to design and manage complex systems over their life cycles. The tools are Model-Based Diagrams, Requirements Management, Traceability, etc..

Software Solutions

We have good expertise in MATLAB/Simulink, Scilab/Xcos, Octave, Python etc.. based tools and processes development.

Engineering Services

We have consulting experience with Model Based Systems Engineering(MBSE) projects such as MIL/SIL/HIL validations, Test Automation, Embedded Code Generation, etc..


CompareModels - Customized model comparison toolding up the model based development activities. Some of products are,

  • CompareModels - Customized model comparsion tool
  • SimBreakpoints - Simulink based model debugging tool
  • XcosAutomation - Automating the XCos model simulation and post processing the results
  • ModelAlignmentTool - Automatic model alignment tool for Simulink and Xcos models

Process Solutions

We have also some semi-automated processes and solutions built to specific projects.

  • C2S - C-code to Simulink model conversion projects
  • HIL Test Automation - Excel based test cases to generate Python test automation with dSPACE
  • Advanced GUI development for Engineering Software Products with MATLAB and Scilab.

Micro Projects

We have worked a wide range of projects like Optimization, Curve Fitting, GUI Development, Speed Improvements of Algorithms, Debugging Tools, Software Conversions. etc..

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Sysenso Systems Private Limited

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+91-44 48613398